5 Tips That Will Define Website Design in 2017

5 Tips That Will Define Website Design in 2017

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For a web designer, it takes much more than having the necessary skills and technology to produce good work. Design is a language in itself. To truly be good you have to understand social psychology and what is trending in the industry to make a statement. Technology and digital platforms are strengthening their presence in our daily lives. With aesthetics changing more rapidly, it’s becoming more challenging to make websites that are fresh, modern, and pack a punch to a viewer. Read below to learn what designers do to become early adopters of popular design styles.

Custom Graphics And Photography

Custom photos and illustrations can make all the difference in a website. They communicate your brand’s essence in a way that is unique and more meaningful than using stock images. Putting pre-made material on a site can actually hurt you in the long run. They make it twice as difficult to be original and innovative, which is a designer’s kryptonite. Custom designs will make your website stand out in a crowd with users. Because a website is usually the first interaction with potential clients, you want to make sure it’s a good one. This goes for fonts and colours as well. Creating your own style/brand guide can be your best friend when trying to build your brand image online.

Users Want To Have A Conversation

Viewers want to connect and collaborate with brands. You have to design your website to be responsive and exert the personality of the company. That’s why web designers who can pull out a personality and place it into their design are in higher demand. Nowadays, it isn’t an option whether to make your web platform responsive. Our culture is looking for technology that is friendly and easy to comprehend. This is especially important when websites are being used mobility. Micro-interactions are more important than ever in terms of design.

Keep It Minimalistic

As a proprietor, you want to let the world know everything your company has to offer, but cramming a page with words can make it look overcrowded and draw the user away. This year, brands are going more in-depth to create user experiences and attractive aesthetics. Websites are no longer just for information, it has now become the first impression. Cutting down on the quantity of elements on a website can create a hierarchy of information, giving it a fresh, easy-to-read look. Why make something overly complicated when it can be simple? Giving your website the room to breathe will help readers focus their attention on what is important. The takeaway is to embrace the negative space in the design.

Experiment With Typology And Layout

As with any creative endeavour, the most innovative projects come from experimentation and research. It’s all about trial and error. By playing around with typology and layout, you can begin starting your own design trends within the industry. It’s vital to pay attention to the direction your website leads viewer and to make it as user-friendly as possible. A long, long time ago, we had to use pull a side bar to reach the end of a page. Now with infinite scrolling, we can manage through long content with ease.  You see this method design more often as it continues to grow in popularity this year.

Prepare Your Design Offline

Last but not least, sketching the layout of your design off-screen will give you a thorough idea before jumping into a project. Start by mapping out wireframes and then branching more in-depth details. Instead of cleaning up your code later in the process, we recommend getting out a piece of paper and a pen and starting without the computer. This will allow you to think freely and develop the general layout you’re hoping for.

Increase Your Business Structure With The Help Of Online Marketing

Increase Your Business Structure With The Help Of Online Marketing

50% of your business should be good marketing. Although this matter can be difficult for beginners, you need to excel it because the competition on the market is fierce. Your advertisement needs to persuade customers to trust your services before you are able to sell them. Some traditional forms of marketing still exist on the market, but under the influence of modern technologies, they no longer have a chance. The computer has become our window into the world, and if you want to be noticed, you need to start using online marketing.

SEO – an integral part of every website

If you are interested in using SEO to grow your business, the best solution would be to hire some internet marketing company. They can help you analyze your competition and set up some standards that will differ you from them. Choose the keywords which will help you achieve a higher ranking on Google page. Optimize your website titles and use a more efficient line that will catch the eye of the visitors. Without the use of SEO, small businesses don’t stand a chance to be found through a search engine, on the other hand, if you optimize your website regularly, you will have a top ranking.

Attract customers through PPC

PPC, also known as pay per click, is another way to attract the bigger number of customers to your website. PPC results are often displayed together with the search results, and they will interest the user to click on them, in order to find what they have been looking for. As the make says, pay per click, each time when someone clicks on your ad, you are required to pay a certain amount of money. But, they aren’t expensive as you think, in fact, they are very cheap. So, if you invest some money in this type of advertising, your business will receive around 59% of new visitors and potential customers.

Use social media to your advantage

Considering that billions of people are using some type of social media, this is an excellent way to promote your business. You need to target your customers based on their age and interests. You can use Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and much more. Update your post regularly and inform them about your services, products, discounts, and sales. They will share your content and at the same time increase the number of people who would like your page.

The Importance Of SEO For Every Business

The Importance Of SEO For Every Business

The SEO has become very popular in the resent years. It is hard to imagine any website without this feature. SEO increase your visibility in an online community and brings you a vast number of visitors. Even though search engines have become advanced, they still can’t replace the human insight. In this way, SEO helps the engines discover facts about online page, what is it about and how it can be useful for users?

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization is usually a set of rules that every website of a blogger should follow in order to increase a visibility and bigger traffic on his web page. By having a good SEO, your page will be highly ranked on Google of Bing. This is an excellent way to increase a quality of your online page, by making it user – friendly and easier to navigate and faster.

Why is SEO important?

Considering how the market is competitive nowadays, the importance of SEO is crucial. Millions of people use internets, and if you want them to see your page, you need implement SEO in your strategies. If your website is engaged in online selling, then SEO will help you grow and develop your business and meeting the demands of your clients.Most of the internet users click on the first five pages’ search engine displays. If you want to take advantage of this pattern and gain a significant number of visitors, then you need to be in top position, and only SEO can help you with that.

Considering that a considerable number of people will be attracted to your website, SEO will improve the usability and quality of it. With a bigger number of visitors, you will have better popularity and larger profit.People trust search engines, and if some website is located on the first Google page, it has to be a reason for that. No one will go on 10th page to look at your blog of the website. So, this is one of the reasons why SEO is so important. If you have a higher ranking, internet users will have bigger trust in your content and services.SEO increases the social promoting. People who find your website on Google of Bing are more likely to share it on some of the social medias, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. Considering that one-third of world’s population uses Facebook, your chances are looking good.