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Seeing A Marriage Counselor Is Not Admitting Defeat… It’s Admitting There Is Hope


Many people seem to think that marriage counseling is a last resort when your marriage is crippled beyond repair. However, the wise couple will seek marriage counseling as soon as they come to the realization that their marriage is facing a problem that neither of them have the experience to solve.

Because of their abiding love for each other, they are willing to do whatever it takes to shore up the area of their marriage that was affected by erosion.

Even though both spouses know that marriage counseling is an important step, actually feeling comfortable with the counseling is a whole different story.

It’s often more difficult for men to seek outside help for their relationships. They hate not being able to figure something out on their own. Men, by nature, are trained to be independent and self-sufficient. They would rather learn from doing than from discussing. Therefore, it is more difficult for men to see a therapist.

So if the idea of having a male therapist makes a big difference to him, this would be good time to give in to his request.

For men who are uncomfortable with the thought of a one-on-one session, many therapists say group therapy is a good starting point. Sitting down in a group setting–with six to ten other individuals–can address feelings of isolation and improve their interpersonal skills.

Men in our culture typically have more fear of intimacy and are uncomfortable when it comes to revealing their emotions.

By helping people share their concerns and fears, groups can ease men past these barriers to problem solving. Therapy groups with a narrow focus can be especially appealing to men.

Remember, do whatever it takes to make it as easy as possible to seek counseling.

Your efforts will be well rewarded and you will realize that your journey through counseling not only helped resolve your initial concern, but your marriage relationship has broadened and grown to newer heights.