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Counseling – A 3 Stage Procedure


This is a uncomplicated a few stage technique to counseling. This method is for when anyone comes to you with a challenge or wanting to chat about one thing. It is for the ‘normal neurotics like you and me”, not for working with people with really serious psychiatric disorders.

It avoids giving tips (a trap for any counseling solution). If you stick to this method you will do no hurt and will almost certainly do a lot superior.

Stage A single: Listening

Listening implies comprehension the content and the inner thoughts that go with it.

Cerebral comprehending is not plenty of.

Never ever make a assertion that defines the issue or the other person’s inner thoughts question as a substitute. Not, “You might be emotion . . . ” but as a substitute, “Are you feeling . . ? “. Not, “The issue is . . .” but in its place, “You believe the difficulty is . . .” or, “The way you see it is . . . “. At this stage it may be enough to say “uh-huh” or nod your head.

This stage finishes when the person begins talking about the issues at the rear of the challenge. You will know you have done nicely when you get settlement to your strategies of what the concern is and the emotion at the rear of it.

Stage Two: Exploratory Listening

When the particular person conversing to you feels listened to they will shift on to deeper factors. At this phase you can start out asking exploratory inquiries. Asking if they have felt this way ahead of What they have attempted to do in very similar conditions – whether or not it worked or not Whether there are other thoughts and emotions that are likely on for them. You can, if you see some thing evidently, give observations of what you see. Factors like, “You seem happy/unfortunate/offended . . .” and so on. Even here it is most likely improved to question a query than to make a assertion.

The critical concern at this phase is to remain in touch with their emotions at the depth they are sensation them.

If you cannot do this, allow them know don’t pretend it. You can a thing like, “Sorry, I can not cope with this ideal now.” They will value this much more than pretending (and they are going to constantly know if you are just pretending).

This stage finishes when the issue is viewed otherwise, a new insight is obtained.

Phase Three: Accomplishing Different Points

Once they see issues in a different way they can start to do factors in different ways, or at minimum plan to.

The temptation when anyone arrives to you with a trouble is to check out and bounce to this phase straight away. This is a blunder. What is wanted is the time to explore what is going on and to see it in a new way.

At this stage you can make strategies of what has labored for you.

You should not get trapped into participating in “Of course, but . . .”.

If they give reasons why your tips will not likely operate, you should not argue. Instead, check with what they have tried using, why it failed to perform, and what they can do otherwise this time.

You could want to arrange that they can test in with you so that they monitor how they are going with their new way of performing issues.

This phase ends when they try out new conduct with you or when they have a system of the new behaviour they want to check out with other folks.

This method is virtually fully about listening.

The other individual generally understands additional about their possess situation than you do.

Under no circumstances provide advice about what they should really do. In the 3rd phase you could would like to say what has worked for you if you have dealt with a identical difficulty your self.

With a minor follow you can get very very good really quickly at this process. You might effectively come to be somebody individuals come to ‘for advice’. As extensive as you do adhere to this procedure, and don’t present advice, you will do significantly very good and help many individuals.