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Rationalizing Anger and the Issue That Defuses It

[ad_1] Strain evokes anger when hope is shed in the second. It is not usually a person concern in isolation that turns us within out in anger. Most anger I advise is a chaotic accumulation of issues, not a single solitary issue that sends us over the edge into the abyss of ludicrousness. The challenge […]

Deal With Your Anger Issues

[ad_1] Have you ever seen a child eagerly awaiting their absentee parent who’s coming to take them for a play date? When faced with the dawning realisation that the parent is not coming the child may become defensive or hurt, angrily crying that they hate that parent and wouldn’t have gone with them anyway! Is […]

How Your Cat or Dog Can Help You With Anger Management

[ad_1] A close family friend recently suggested having a dog after she lost her husband. She is an animal lover already, but after her husband passed away she just felt that her house was too lonely. A recent study from the University Of Montreal in Canada has also found that having a pet can greatly […]