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Terms And Conditions


1.1 The following meanings apply under Terms and Conditions:

  • MS refers to Manish Sinha Ltd. (trading as UK Manish Sinha)
  • The term “Therapist” refers to any member of UK Manish Sinha who is mentioned on the website.
  • “Client” refers to any individual who has scheduled an appointment or inquired about treatment with a member through the website.
  • “Session” refers to the scheduled initial session between Therapist and Client that is conducted by MS.
  • A “successful referral” is a Client who attends and pays for their first appointment with the Therapist.
  • “Terms & Conditions” as described in this section
  • “Website” refers to www.manishsinha.net and other sites.

1.2 The AUP is integrated into the Client Consent Form.

1.3 MS retains the right to modify or cancel any Terms and Conditions that it deems necessary or appropriate for the control of the website and the behaviour of Members and Clients.

1.4 The Terms and Conditions shall be governed by English law and English courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction.



2.1 By supplying MS with an email address upon registration, the Client consents to receiving electronic communications from MS, including notices subject to the Terms and Conditions.

2.2 The Client also understands the possibility that email is not a completely safe and confidential mode of communication.

2.3 MS is not responsible for any loss or damage incurred as a result of communicating in this manner with a Client.

2.4 The Client undertakes to carefully read and abide by our included Terms & Conditions. Those who violate the aforementioned restrictions may be prohibited from using our website.

2.5 The Client agrees to read and sign the MS Consent Form in its entirety.


3.1 Payments for sessions are non­refundable, excepting any statutory cancellation rights, unless expressly indicated in the terms and conditions.

3.2 Payment for treatment sessions must be made at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled appointment. If payment is not received by the specified deadline, MS or the therapist may, at their discretion, cancel the session.

3.3 Cancellations must be submitted at least 2 business days prior to the scheduled appointment. Failure to do so will result in a cancellation cost of 100 percent.

3.4 The customer will pay for all scheduled appointments with MS.

Form for UK Manish Sinha Client Consent

UK Manish Sinha recognises the basic right of consumers to:

  • Receive adequate knowledge to allow for an educated choice.
  • Refuse permission at any time without affecting future services.

We must collect your personally identifiable information (such as, but not limited to, your name, phone number, email address, and address), billing and payment information, and profile information in order for you to access our services.

Your consent is required as a legal basis for processing your data, and we strive to provide a transparent service in which the client has a complete awareness of the data we collect and why we do so.

This information’s security is a high priority for us. We will never sell or rent any of the information provided to UK Manish Sinha. Other than the restricted ways outlined in this consent notice, we will never use or disclose any information under the legal basis of consent unless you have expressly asked or authorised us to do so.

  • To schedule a session with a therapist.
  • To administer your account, offer you customer assistance, and guarantee that you are receiving great service.
  • To contact you or give you with service-related information, alerts, and recommendations.
  • For purposes linked to billing.
  • If we or a therapist have good reason to suspect that you or another individual may be in danger or may be the perpetrator or victim of a criminal conduct, we will contact out to you either directly or via the relevant authorities.
  • To evaluate and enhance the quality, efficacy, and delivery of our services.

These items will be delivered to the customer together with the consent form.


5.1 Subject to condition 2.2, if a user is approved to the site, they become a Therapist subject to these Terms and Conditions.

5.2 The acceptance of an individual as a Therapist is at MS’s discretion.

5.3 Therapists must always conduct themselves professionally while interacting with clients. MS has the right to withdraw or terminate any Therapist whose behavior is deemed unworthy of their profession for any behaviour judged improper or inappropriate towards Clients.

5.4 A Therapist should not participate in any outside activity that might be construed as damaging to MS’s reputation or bring shame to MS. MS reserves the option to withdraw or suspend any Therapist whose behaviour is, or may be deemed to be, in MS’s reasonable opinion, detrimental to the character of the site or constitutes a violation of the Terms and Conditions, or where such ejection is otherwise in the best interests of the other Therapists of MS.


6.1 Prior to a Therapist’s inclusion on our website, evaluation and appointment fees are outlined in detail. MS charges an additional fee, which is agreed upon through email before Therapist profiles are made public. MS is in charge of collecting Client money.


7.1 The Therapist will get confirmation of an appointment via the internet. Typically, the Client will select their Therapist from the website and pay the initial charge online. If the Client contacts the MS Support Team, MS will match the Client with the Therapist they feel will best meet the Client’s needs, based on the Client’s information and what is known about the Therapist.

Instead of charging a Therapist to participate in this service, 7.2 MS adds a price to the Therapist’s fee. These costs will be agreed upon prior to a member’s profile being online.

7.3 The Client is obligated to make payments to MS. The Therapist then bills MS for the preceding month’s visits at the end of each month.


8.1 Our goal is to create the most inviting and comforting environment possible for clients who have made the initiative to seek treatment and inquired about therapy. It is crucial that these individuals receive a response. As such, we request:

8.2 The Therapist’s schedule must be kept up-to-date so that clients may book sessions online.

8.3 The Therapist is available a minimum of six hours per week (7 days).

8.4 Appointment confirmations should be communicated as soon as feasible by the Therapist to the Client. If the time and/or date to be changed for any reason, it should be done simultaneously.

8.5 The Therapist must agree with the Client how the session will be conducted (Skype, other video link, etc.) and supply any pertinent information.

8.6 The Therapist agrees to visit the Client using MS’s online booking system. The Therapist will not transport MS-provided Clients off-site. If this practise is discovered to have occurred, the Therapist’s profile will be deactivated immediately and a fine may be assessed.

8.7 The Therapist is responsible for arriving on time for appointments. If a therapist misses an appointment, it is his or her responsibility to reschedule the session within the same week. If this is not achievable, you will be charged a price.

8.8 Occasionally, once every month, the Therapist will be required to submit an article or video for social media.


Utilizing our website:

9.1 You promise to obtain our express consent before linking to our website or copying any of our material. By providing us with digital or physical copies of your work, you grant us unrestricted, royalty-free use of its contents.

9.2 You undertake not to duplicate, distribute, edit, or re-­post our material on another website, frame or mirror our website, or create a link to our website without our prior written permission.

9.3 You give us a non-­exclusive, permanent, irrevocable, royalty-­free, worldwide licence to use (including, but not limited to, publishing, exploitation, and modification) any content you email, post, or otherwise submit to us. We reserve the right, to the maximum extent authorised by law, to utilise any ideas, concepts, know-how, information, language, or pictures contained in your interactions with us for any reason whatsoever. Due to our efforts to maintain a frequently updated website, we may be required to temporarily halt access, service, or operation without prior warning. If necessary, we may have to close our website permanently. If, for any reason, our website is inaccessible at any time or for any length of time, we shall not be held accountable. You agree not to do anything that interferes with or might potentially interfere with the site’s proper operation, including, but not limited to, tampering with the site or the servers on which it sits.

9.4 You agree to read our Terms & Conditions in its entirety and adhere to them. Those who violate the aforementioned restrictions may be prohibited from using our website.


10.1 MS functions as a management and referral mechanism.

10.2 MS is not accountable for the results of therapy sessions

10.3 The therapist is accountable for client evaluation